[En] About EthnoRo Food

Who am I and what is EthnoRo Food?

Far from being a “foodie” or a very good cook, I discovered that I very much enjoy cooking , and especially cooking Romanian food. Why Romanian? First, because tastes and aromas from home, from my childhood, are an excellent remedy for “dor” -for longing after home -when I can say “this tastes like home!”, we get “teleported”, for a few moments, back home and sometimes that is all you need. Secondly, because I have a very big appreciation for the simplicity of our dishes, and the surprizing manner in which the simple ingredients and the non-technical manner of cooking manages to deliver such distinctive tastes and textures.

What do I plan to do here? I plan to rediscover “unpopular” popular foods -those which are not in the menus of the restaurants which serve Romanian traditional dishes, and if possible to give them a new life in this era of “de-folklorisation”. I just love some of our traditional ingredients, so what if they are not trendy to cook with?

So, I think that “Romanian traditional food” is quite misleading for what I set out to do, because it makes us think about “sarmale” (rolled, stuffed cabbage), sausages and polenta. Even if I will probably also cook sarmale and polenta, what I will try to cook is “Romanian folk food”, the less known culinary treasures we have! I will be guided in this trip my a very non-standard book which presents folk recipes in their natural habitat, surrounded by stories and other Romanian traditions.

I set out to explore Romania in 52 recipes, from northern Bucovina to the Danube plains of Oltenia, and from the westerly Banat to the surprising Dobrogea with its melting pot of cultures and foods. I’ll document the process and the results and hopefully inspire you to visit Romania and discover and its authentic, unspoilt beauty!

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